Raven. So Dark in Here

all pictures: ©Łukasz Dzięcioł, OPUS TV, ITI NEOVISION S.A., Canal+ Poland

Adam Kruk, a 40-year-old police officer addicted to painkillers and psychotropic drugs, returns to the town where he grew up in order to chase down the paedophile who abused his friend Slawek years ago. Once there, he is unexpectedly called in to investigate a new case: the kidnapping of a powerful man’s grandson. Kruk delves into the case in the hopes of setting himself free from his past mistakes.

Written by Jakub Korolczuk / Directed by Maciej Pieprzyca / Produced by: Łukasz Dzięcioł, OPUS TV, ITI NEOVISION S.A., Canal+ Poland / With Michał Żurawski, Cezary Łukaszewicz, Katarzyna Wajda and more

Episodes 1 +2, English subtitles, followed by a Q&A with Jakub Korolczuk, Maciej Pieprzyca, Łukasz Dzięcioł

The entire event is free of charge and held in English. Screenings in original language with English subtitles.

Serial Poland is an event organised by Polnisches Institut Berlin (filmPOLSKA), Serial Eyes and Filmnetzwerk Berlin of the German Film- and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB)

Polnischer Titel:
Kruk. Szepty słychać po zmroku
Deutscher Titel:
Raven. So Dark in Here
6 x 45 min
Maciej Pieprzyca
Jakub Korolczuk
Jan Holoubek, Witold Płóciennik
Michał Żurawski