Gabriela Muskała

actress / writer
Gabriela Muskała film and stage actress, writer of plays, multi awarded at various film and theatre festivals by both the critics and the audience. For her performance in The Courage by Greg Zgliński she was awarded with the Golden Lions for the best supporting actress at The Polish Film Festival 2011.
She was a leading 
She was a leading actress in Tout un hivier sans feu, which received SIGNIS award at Venice Film Festival. Her last performances include Volhynia by Wojciech Smarzowski, These Daughters of Mine by Kinga Dębska (awarded with Eagle – Polish Film Academy Award for the Best Actress) and 7 Feelings the newest film by Marek Koterski.  She is the only writer of the script Fuga directed by Agnieszka Smoczyńska. 
Her plays The Trip to Buenos Aires and Daily Soup, co-written with her sister Monika (they use a pen name Amanita Muskaria) were translated into many languages and are regularly in the programs of various theatres in Poland and abroad. Their third play Silent Night directed by Paweł Paszta received numerous awards at the theatre competition Teatroteka Fest in Warsaw.
In December 2017 
In December 2017 she debuted as a director of a stage play at the Teatr Ludowy in Krakow with Amanita Muskaria’s last work Wil’s Identity. She runs a cours on improvisation at the Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Łódź.

Filmografie (Auswahl):
2011 - Wymyk
2011 - Być jak Kazimierz Deyna
2010 - Nie ten człowiek
2010 - Krzysztof
2009 - Zero
2009 - Generał - zamach na Gibraltarze
2009 - Janosik. Prawdziwa historia
1999 - Królowa aniołów
1993 - Rozmowa z człowiekiem z szafy
Photo: Pani i Pan Fotograf
Photo: Pani i Pan Fotograf
Courage, 7 Gefühle / 7 Emotions, These Daughters of Mine, Festivaleröffnung 2019: 7 Gefühle / 7 Emotions, Zero, Fugue